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Announcement: Hassle-free reimbursement process

Wyoming Psychiatry & Consultation LLC is now registered with Reimbursify to create an easier way to get reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses!

To be honest, filing reimbursement claims with insurance companies can be really frustrating and time-consuming. So here at Wyoming Psychiatry & Consultation, we opted to register for Reimbursify, an app for your phone that makes it quick & easy to file claims, get paid, and keep track of prior submissions all in one place.

Some highlights of the program:

  • Works seamlessly with the superbill that is generated from your visit

  • Submit any and all out-of-network superbills, and your first claim is free!

    • All subsequent ones are just $2.99 per submission

  • No messy paperwork or countless forms to fill out -- just a few inputs & scan the claim with your phone, entire process takes under a minute

  • If a claim gets rejected, a Reimbursify expert will come to the rescue! You'll have guidance to resubmit at no additional charge

  • Fully secure & HIPAA compliant

Disclaimer: Wyoming Psychiatry & Consultation LLC is not affiliated with Reimbursify in any capacity. We are a registered practice on their platform, which enables our patients to submit claims & get paid in a hassle-free way. Any questions or concerns with Reimbursify must be directed to their company.

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