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Free Perinatal Mental Health Lecture Series

TLDR; register here!

The University of Wyoming Project ECHO team has invited me to present a recurring lecture and case-discussion series about perinatal mental health!

The topics this year include:

  • Perinatal Mood Disorders

  • Perinatal Anxiety Disorders

  • Perinatal Substance Use Disorders

  • Perinatal Mental Health Emergencies

  • Perinatal Psychopharmacology for Prescribers

In each of the lectures (which run from 12-1:15pm MT via zoom) you will receive a high-yield overview of the key elements to diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, including depression, bipolar spectrum illness, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive illness, substance use disorders, postpartum psychosis and suicide risk assessment. The final lecture in the series will be an in-depth case-based discussion regarding perinatal mental health prescribing practices and principles.

If this interests you, please join us by registering here

If this is a topic that interests you and you wish to see more, please take the poll below!

What other topics would you like to see?

  • Perinatal Trauma/PTSD

  • Perinatal ADHD

  • Pregnancy loss

  • Infertility

You can vote for more than one answer.

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